Arrow : OT: What did you think of Resident Evil 7?

OT: What did you think of Resident Evil 7?

Yes I am talking about the game, and not the godawful movie series.

I had such high expectations for it and it still managed to surprise me. I've only had a chance to complete it twice but I think it's an amazing game. I'm glad the critics and fans are finally satisfied. Well done Capcom! A true return to horror.

Re: OT: What did you think of Resident Evil 7?

Beyond happy with it. Capcom has restored my faith in the RE franchise.

Never thought it would ever honestly go back to its roots, but they did. It far exceeded my expectations, and cannot wait for RE8.

Re: OT: What did you think of Resident Evil 7?

Absolutely love it, rejuvenated my love for the series following disappointments like RE6, ORC and the utter travesty that is Umbrella Corps. It's my 3rd favourite in the entire franchise after RE1 Remake and 4.

Re: OT: What did you think of Resident Evil 7?

God awful movie series? 😨 That is okay. I disagree with your opinion though😂 and didn't you hear?

Resident Evil’s film franchise will reach $1 billion milestone

All six have been big money-winners

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter opened this week, and rates 39 percent "fresh" on Rotten Tomatoes and a 53 on Metacritic. Those scores, the highest in series history, aren’t exactly great, but that don't matter none, because the franchise is going to make its billionth dollar in some theater this weekend.

Deadline reports that Resident Evil flicks have grossed a combined $954 million, globally, since the first one premiered in 2002. With The Final Chapter grossing $35 million in Japan since its Dec. 23 launch there, and Sony estimating a $30 million weekend for it coming up, the series will inevitably cruise past the big billion-with-a-B mark, making it the richest video game adaptation in movie history.

Of course, few other video game franchises have gone for six movies, much less had someone as enthusiastically committed to them as Milla Jovovich. Still, a billion is a billion. The last two RE movies, which premiered in 2010 and 2012, each grossed more than $240 million worldwide.

"Screen Gems has created the highest-grossing video game-based franchise of all time," Josh Greenstein, marketing boss for Sony Pictures, boasted in a statement to Deadline.

The film is opening at 3,104 theaters domestically and also premieres in Europe, Brazil and Korea this weekend.

If The Final Chapter's Metacritic score does hold up, that would make it the highest-scoring video game film on that aggregator, edging out 2001's Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. That is also the top scorer, at 44 percent, over on Rotten Tomatoes. Video gaming's most recent attempt to make a critically respectable film, Assassin's Creed, ended in failure, as all the others did before.

The movie series has been a big success and there is said to be a new 'Tombraider' series in development which is going to fix up the mistakes the Angelina Jolie series made and will take the 'Resident Evil' films' place.


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