Arrow : What a *beep* show! Felicity ughhh!

What a *beep* show! Felicity ughhh!

I'm talking about the latest episode. Possible one of the worst and idiotic of the entire season so far. The only good parts about it were Laurel, Diggle and Oliver in Russia. Everything else is total crap.

Feli$hitty was the worst this episode. Like some feminazi version of her season one self. She disrespects Oliver and thinks she knows better than him, despite being a total moron. She messes everything up several times. At the end, she punches Laurel? FU Felicity, you dry c@nt! Sorry for the rant but watching the show has actually managed to make me angry.

The story was nonsensical. What was the point of Black Siren pretending to be E1 Laurel? There was no point to it other than bait BC fans into watching the show. The new team is terrible. Other than Ragman, I despise every one of them. Completely and deeply unlikable. Don't get me started on the Black Canary replacement. What a stupid introduction. There was nothing likable about that woman.

I like Diggle and the prosecutor stuff. Talia was cool. Oliver and Laurel's moment were cool. Everything else, total crap.

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Shut up idiot

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See I dislike the ep also but I tried to by constructive in my criticism, doesn't stop people assuming I'm just raging like you but atleast I know I'm not, but as far as the ep goes imo the story could have worked, they had two ways to go either the Oliver's emotionally blinded story, or the Felicity is going out of control with grief story, as it was they tried doing both and made a mess of things.

My personal preference would be the Felicity is going loco because she's in pain, one because we have had the Oliver's guilt story so many times and I'm sick of it, so lets focus on Felicity going a little crazy, and two it wouldn't need them to change any of the scenes in terms of sequence or locations, just the dialogue, where as if you did the Oliver's guilt story properly you need much different scenes, and you need something to showcase Oliver's mistake, which is something we didn't get so Oliver being wrong meant nothing because it cost nobody anything that he wanted to trust her.

I thought the recruits were less annoying atleast Rene admitted to a degree he's a prick this week which is like ok I'm fine with prick and bitch characters so long as it's acknowledged that's what they are, which is why when Felicity goes all bitchy I get annoyed because no one reacts like she is, they just blame whoever she's angry at because that's what the writers want and it's irritating to me at those times.

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I think most people are just pissed because real Laurel didn't come back. Everyone I saw on her was convinced this was real laurels resurrection the let down hurt I guess.

For me it was pretty obviously not real laurel. She's dead and not coming back ever people need to accept it and move on. As for felicity yeah her character has become unbearable I'm honestly hopping she joins laurel in a permanent grave soon. B!tch needs to go.