Arrow : will damian appear ?

will damian appear ?

the moment i saw the arrow i knew it. they brought Talia !!!!

but now i have to wonder, what are the chances they will introduce my favorite comic character of all time, Damian Wayne ?

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No probably a 5 year old kid named Arron

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I certainly hope not. I use to hate this character. Never read a comic with him as Robin. My introduction to him was the animated movie Son of and Batman vs Robin. I found him to be an entertaining arrogant little bastard.

I think I'd prefer a crossover with Gotham. A time travel episode where Oliver or/and The Flash must protect young Bruce Wayne from being killed by someone who knows the future and want to stop Bruce from from becoming who he becomes.

Oliver or/and The Flash don't know Bruce's future they are just out to stop the villain from killing the kid.

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A crossover is not going to happen.

Good job Oscars! Hopefully Asian and Hispanic nominees in 2018!

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Damien Wayne is terrible and should never have been created in the first place.
He doesn't belong in Batman cannon

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No doubt they'll have a 'damian' but will make it olivers son instead.

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Heh, it's unlikely I think. But it would be astounding to have him here as well. But still, unlikely. :)

Nolan, I love you forever!