Arrow : Felicity needs to die

Felicity needs to die

I've not watched this in a while until the recent ep and she's still the psycho ex girlfriend. It's so irritating and so obvious it just grates. It's also affecting the acting, she just can't pull it off

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Felicity is a total hypocrite. It's okay to treat Oliver like garbage, not forgive him, and constantly call him out on everything; but when it concerns her, everyone is supposed to respect and adore her.

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Go ahead and attack me, but I love her

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We ALL loved her in the first two seasons. Everyone actually did adore her, thats why they put her on this pedestal where she is now, because fans recieved her character so well. Problem is, once they did that, they lost what made her great and totally ruined her. Instead of being the laid-back side-kick who is cute, quirky and comic-relief, she is now this constantly crying/whining hypocrite user. She has taken over the whole show. I honestly think she gets more screen time than Ollie.

Very sad.

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No we all didn't she was annoying in her one off episode and didn't want her to join team. The only time I like her early on was the Barry Allen episodes


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I'm pretty sure she did get more screen time than Ollie in season 4

trolls need to go away

good bye OP! don't make up lies

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totally agree. when they killed off laurel i was like "THANK YOU JESUS ALMIGHTY" (and im jewish).

now its Felicity's turn. the creators of the show, PLEASE kill her and replace with someoone normal ! :/

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She truly has become the worst character in the Arrowverse and that's saying something, she needs to go.