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Rank the Seasons

S1: 9/10
S2: 10/10
S3: 8.5/10
S4: 4/10
S5: 7/10 (So Far)

I've got no future I can plan on past tomorrow

Re: Rank the Seasons

Season 2 - 9/10
Season 1 - 8.5/10
Season 5 - 8/10
Season 3 - 7/10
Season 4 - 6/10

Re: Rank the Seasons

S1: 8.5/10
S2: 9/10
S3: 6.5/10
S4: 5/10
S5: 8/10 (so far)

Re: Rank the Seasons

S5:8.5/10(might turn to shît in the second half)

Re: Rank the Seasons

I would say

Season 2
Season 1
Season 5
Season 3
Season 4


The catacombs
And revolving doors inside of my brain
Preachers and whores
And the neon pulpits burst into flames
I come from both
Sides of me and either side of their tracks
Humbling my ghosts
Letting life that floods my veins bring me back

The unshackling of the chains on my wrists
And the loyalty to pain that resists
And the greatest books are talking about this
Why must everybody die to exist?