Arrow : Just watched the first four seasons

Just watched the first four seasons

I bought the DVDs for the first four seasons and watched them right the way through. I thought the first two seasons were excellent. However, the last couple of seasons were less good in my view:

• Way too many characters are being introduced, destroying the core of the series. The crossovers in particular were badly done – what was the point of showing the Flash, especially since he popped up from time to time in such a disjointed way, and why show the Atom? Why introduce the Maori actor at all if he was only to appear briefly in one episode? If these characters were included, they should surely have had bigger, full-time roles. Better still, it would have been best to focus on the main characters of the Arrow, and to develop them and their stories.

• Some of the episodes were decidedly iffy, particularly the two featuring the two winged individuals, which were a waste of space.

• The portrayal of silly teenagers in the last couple of series as 'geniuses' is frankly absurd.

• The introduction of 'magic' in season four was badly done and not very interesting.

• The best of the female characters is Sara, and Laurel was not very good in the last two seasons – she did not work well as a 'fighter', appearing quite awkward and as if her time on the series had expired after the first two seasons.

All in all, though I enjoyed the series, I do think some thought needs to be given to the script. Buffy worked because they kept the key characters throughout the series, so viewers really developed a rapport with them, but far too many unnecessary characters are being introduced in Arrow, which are fragmenting and diluting the main story and characters.

I haven't yet seen season five, and will wait for the DVD.

Re: Just watched the first four seasons

You know I totally agree with you. 👍👆

And about the crossovers - In season 3 and season 4 they were ridiculous. Especially for Arrow. Flash is so different show than Arrow and it is strange to have a character with super speed appear for one minute, fix everything and then leaves, like the finale of s3.
Atom was also total bore and kind of ruins s3 for me. Season 4 has also too many guest characters from other shows, that has nothing to do with Arrow.