Arrow : Just watched S4 for the first time (SPOILERS)

Just watched S4 for the first time (SPOILERS)

Hey guys! So I just finished the S4 finale and all I have have to say is this: WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!

I've heard that S4 was the worst season of the show but I figured that it was probably just blown out of proportion by the internet. Nope! Not the case at all! The internet was pretty spot on on this one! I had some hope going in as I heard people say that S3 was bad but I really enjoyed that season! With S4 it felt like the writers were taking bets on how many viewers they would lose per week! I'm so happy I started with S5 and got to binge the previous season before S4 as I almost didn't finish it!

First things first let me just say this: Magic has no place being on this show full time! Neither does a nuclear apocalypse! This is supposed to be a show about vigilantes saving their city not superheroes saving the world! That's for the Flash and Supergirl shows and for the crossover episodes! The reason that the 1st 3 seasons worked was because the story was always about Oliver and his team protecting the city not preventing the apocalypse every week!

The biggest problem I had with this season was it felt like there was no real drive to the story or the villain outside of "taking over the world because we're evil" At least with Malcolm in S1 we understood is motives. The whole season has a 'going through the motions' kind of feel. Like there were no real stakes unlike the first 3 seasons! I thought it was a mistake to introduce Darhk so early. They should've built up a mystery before revealing him. After the premiere the season just felt like the same thing over and over. Team Arrow attacks Darhk and lose again and again. It just felt repetitive. The larger universe connections hurt this season as well! John Constantine and Vixen just randomly show up without anything in-show really explaining them. Ray and Sara just appear and disappear! The Constantine flashback was a mess! The flashback story just seemed uninspired and just felt like filler which was really disappointing because I used to love the flashbacks. Also why are the writers forcing the flashbacks to tie into the present all the time now? It worked in S2 and was okay in S3 but this season it was just too much!

Even the main characters this year were misused! Like what was the point in killing Laurel? It did nothing to advance the story or the characters! That was so irritating! Honestly, there was way too much Felicity (and I like her character). It felt like the Felicity show at times. Her and Oliver's relationship was utterly ridiculous by the end of it. Why bother spending 2 seasons building them up just to throw it all away in this season? It just felt like the writers were doing it for drama's sake with to me is the worst kind of writing! Same goes for Diggle and his brother! It didn't really add anything to the show. Even Malcolm and Thea (who were both great in S3) were done poorly this year.

Ugh! Sorry for the rant but after spending 2 days watching this mess I needed to vent!!! Overall, as you can tell, I didn't like this season and I'm very happy that I've already seen everything of S5 as I know the show gets better! Fingers crossed the keep it going strong because I don't think the show could survive another S4 fiasco.

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Re: Just watched S4 for the first time (SPOILERS)

I hope I am wrong with this, but I foresee the butt end of season 5 to be far closer to seasons 3-4 than the first half was to seasons 1-2.

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Re: Just watched S4 for the first time (SPOILERS)

I pretend that Flashpoint completely re-wrote the timeline and Season 5 is actually Season 4.