Arrow : Just watched S3 for the first time (SPOILERS)

Just watched S3 for the first time (SPOILERS)

Just finished S3 and WOW!!! I can't believe people didn't like this season!!!

First off I loved the entire seasonal arc! The League, Ras, and Oliver being prophesied to be the new Ras! The only part I didn't care for was Sara's death and the convoluted mystery behind it but beyond that everything was great! I loved the Olvier and Felicity (dear lord that actress is beautiful) story and that they actually ended up together (finally)! Roy actually had an arc this year and I actually kinda liked how that wrapped up! Thea really surprised me this season! I really enjoyed her as opposed to the 1st 2 seasons! She actually was a major factor in everything this year! Also I liked that Merlyn was a main character. He was an interesting factor as the story played out! I enjoyed Diggle but hated how him and Oliver ended things. The episode The Climb was a major stand oout! And the last 5/6 episodes were a tour de force!

The only thing that really stood out of place for me was Laurel! Suddenly she wants to be a vigilante? I'm glad she's part of the main action (and no longer a love interest) but I just couldn't but it! I buy Thea doing this more so than her! Also, Captain Lance's story pulled a complete 180 out of nowhere and just felt like it was done to add drama!

Overall though I really enjoyed it! I'd put it on par with S1!!! I'll probably start S4 tomorrow!!!

***My reviews of S1 and S2***

Hey guys! I just finished S1 of Arrow and I LOVED it!!!

So I'm a huge fan of The Flash!!!! I love that show and all it's characters! I've always known that the show is a part of a bigger universe but I never really cared to get into the rest of it. I've seen a few episodes of Supergirl and even though it's enjoyable enough it's really not for me (although I really enjoyed the Superman episodes). I remember trying an episode or 2 of Arrow last season but I couldn't take it seriously because of Oliver's Bat-voice!!!

However, I decided to give this current season a shot and I've been watching since the premiere and I won't lie I'm actually really enjoying this season! I really like the mystery behind Prometheus and seeing this whole sins of the past storyline that's happening now!

So I decided to go back and start from the beginning and I'm very happy I gave this a shot! I really loved hoe the main focus was on Oliver and his mission and the the CW relationship stuff was secondary(sans a few episodes). It all felt very Batman Begins-ish. If you're gonna steal, steal from the best! I liked that the villain(even though a little of the top) was believable and had a good motivation instead of the typical "I'm gonna fight the hero because I'm Evil!" kind of villain! I really enjoyed Oliver's relationships with Diggle and Felicity and how they all formed a team over the course of the season! I also really enjoyed the Flashback storyline! As a huge Lost fan I got a kick out of it and at times I enjoyed the flashback characters to the present day ones! I also enjoyed most of the Action scenes but some of them felt like they were victim of quick-cut editing.

As much as I enjoyed the show I do have some gripes! First off, Tommy! What a weak/pathetic screen wasting time of a character! Just another spoiled rich kid who doesn't get his way. They tired to make him interesting by making him the villain's son but not even that helped. The love triangle with him, Oliver and Laurel was just blah! I was so happy he died in the finale!!! Another character I didn't care for was the Mom. She was interesting at first but then it turned out that she was just a pawn in the villain's game that needed to get in line. It was a very meh storyline. Also, the sister. I don't dislike her but it's like come'on kid, get over yourself already and grow up!

Overall, I enjoyed this show and I'm excited to start S2!!! From what I've heard it's the best season! I've heard mixed things about S3 and S4 but I'll go into them with an open mind! I still love The Flash more but I'm glad I decided to give Arrow a shot!!! I'll update this when I finish S2!!!

UPDATED 1/2/2017

So I just finished Season 2 in 2 days!!! I loved this season better than Season 1!!!

First thing up! SLADE WILSON!!!! What a great reveal/twist that he was the villain in both past and present! I loved how Oliver's battle with Slade ran paraelle the whole season and how Slade's plan to take everything from Oliver damn near worked!!! The Final 4 episodes of the Season were better than most movies!!! And the scene where Slade kills Moira was INTENSE!!!

I also loved Felicity this year! She really came into her own and her crush on Oliver was enough to balance out the darkness of the rest of the season. Team Arrow on the whole was really interesting this year! With both Roy and Sara (even though her character was kinda all over the place this year) being part of the team. I kinda wish they did more with Diggle, seemed like he was just a witness except in the Suicide Squad episode (which is better than that movie). Moira really impressed me this year! Her character seemed more defined this year and her final scene was a smart way to end that character.

I few things I didn't care for. Thea and her constant whining!!! Like everytime she found out about something she got up on her high horse like she's so damn perfect. I wish they tried to make her more sympathetic because by the end of the year I was like "kill her off already." Also Laurel! I like her in season 1 but she was another one that was all over the place this year! Felt like they writer's didn't know what to do with her. First she hated the Arrow, then she was an alcoholic, then she hated/loved her sister. It was just too much for one character. Hopefully now that she knows about Oliver, she'll be more interesting next season!

Overall, I loved S2!!! I thought it was great and it was fun to see The Flash teased this season as that's still my favorite show of the DC CW! I'll start S3 tomorrow!!!

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Re: Just watched S3 for the first time (SPOILERS)

You are not the only one who loved season 3, it was my favorite season with season 2 close second. I think a lot of people hate it because of Olicity, but I am a fan and loved the build-up between them. I felt like season 3 was the peak of the series, we had Roy passing the torch to Thea who became more than just a whiny teenager. I thought Laurel's journey to Black Canary was cool even though it may have been a little fast, I did appreciate that she did struggle a bit at first. I liked that the team thought Oliver was dead for a few episodes and had to hold their own without him. Overall, I enjoyed this season.

Re: Just watched S3 for the first time (SPOILERS)

The more I think about it, the 1st 3 seasons work as a trilogy and S3 worked as a fantastic conclusion!!! With a few exceptions this could have been the final season! I'm glad it isn't as I've grown fond of these characters but I think that could've worked!

I'm about to start S4! Wish me luck!!!

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Re: Just watched S3 for the first time (SPOILERS)

Season 3 was fine with the exception of its use of Ra's Al Ghul. He should have been a terrifying threat, not an Olicity shipper. I'd give the season a 7.5/10. S2 is a notch better and it's on par with S1 imo, which i give the slight edge to for its action sequences.

S4 is trash, however. I binged it not too long back and I just couldn't get into it. Neal McDonough is awesome as always though as the big bad of the season, he's the one bright spot along with Constatine's appearance.

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I can't believe people didn't like this season!!!

This is what happens when the negativity starts flowing. More negative people start screeching more negativity, and then more and more people join in, and pretty soon the people who didn't hate it on their own are now hating it because the vicious claims are so thick and deep.

Which is why I hate the trolls and the hucksters of negativity. Nothing good to say, just start ranting and raging about how awful everything is. And they pretty much ruined the show for me.

Had you read the board back then, you'd have seen nothing but senseless yelling. Every motivation is phony and insufficient, every action taken was "bad writing", every turn of the plot was "phony". None of the women had any business trying to punch the men, Laurel and Thea both were "too scrawny"; both Laurel and Thea had had no more than six minutes of training, Oliver and Felicity were "forced romance" and "fan service", and that's only about five percent of the list. It got worse in season 4.

We had a great thread here on "all the complaints from seasons one and two", which pretty thoroughly documented the list of gripes, and was sufficient to prove that this group of fans is the fandom that can never be pleased. It was well documented for those seasons--one and two should be just as easily documented for 3 and 4 (though I haven't spent the time to make a nice, fat list as I did for season one), and I believe we're seeing way too much of the same kind of bitching in season 5 as well.

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Some of that is true, but you have to admit the show has set the bar for acceptable writing pretty low.

Most (if not all) of the complaints are perfectly valid. The only thing that changes is how much each of us wants to focus on the specific flaws.

You're suffering from delusions of adequacy.

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I know your whole schtick is that people on the internet are lemmings, but have you considered that Season 3 was actually quite underwhelming for a lot of people? Assuming that every time five people express the same opinion is some sort of mob mentality instead of a reasonable reaction to something poor seems like a really irrational way to look at things.

Re: Just watched S3 for the first time (SPOILERS)

I've been here since Season 1.
Some people act as if they people complaining about A now were the one's complaining about B then. As if the people who hated Laurel in Season 1 are crying for her return now.
The thing about reflecting on the past, is back then people were mostly complaining about stupid things,Laurel's chin, Malcolm and Tommy's age difference, "Hurr durr, they killed Deadshot"
The big things most complained about in Season 3 and 4, and even the end of 2 were legitimate flaws and concerns with the show. Ie: Green Filter, contradicting your own timeline, inconsistencies in fighting skills, etc.
Just because a few troll accounts hoped on the "Laurel's chin job" or But Batman villains" and other troll topics that have been spammed or recurring, doesn't mean that any time as you said, a group of people point out a flaw means it's not a problem.

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Re: Just watched S3 for the first time (SPOILERS)

Apart from the flashbacks I liked season 3 when it was airing but after the season was over it didn't seem as good as I initially thought. The flashbacks in season 3 were too many and not as interesting as they were in the previous seasons. It had some great episodes but overall it could've been better.

Re: Just watched S3 for the first time (SPOILERS)

Glad to know you liked S3, many people did! For me S3 is still the low point, I liked S4 better than S3 and S5 better than S4, however everyone I know IRL who binged S3 (and now S4) have liked those seasons even more than I liked them. I think binging helps hide some of the flaws that the rest of us had to wait weeks/months to get through.

I hope you let us know what you think of S4 when you get through it. Are you watching S5 as it airs, or are you waiting to binge?

Re: Just watched S3 for the first time (SPOILERS)

I've been watching S5 since it started so I'm all caught up on the current season! I really enjoyed watching The Flash one night then Arrow the next!!! I'm glad I gave S5 a shot as I'm really enjoying the series! Plus playing catch up on the entire series has given me something to do during the winter hiatus!

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