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Flashpoint - Diggle

Been meaning to post this a while:

I found it ABSOLUTELY ridiculous that Diggle was mad at Barry. Cisco
was understandably mad as his brother was killed as a result of Barry's

But it was almost as if Diggle didn't understand that he got a son
instead of a daughter. I watched it again and Barry made this very
clear to him. Terrible writing.

At most, they should have had Diggle pondering what life would would be
like with a daughter instead of a son.

Re: Flashpoint - Diggle

You make it sound like Diggle should be glad he got a son and lost a daughter. Which is incredibly messed up and I hope is not what you mean.

But Diggle being upset with Barry makes sense because he is a good parent and a good parent is upset if something happens to their kids. Including sex change by way of time paradox.

May the Force be with you.

Re: Flashpoint - Diggle

On an intellectual level, sure. But Diggle lacks the connection for it to register on an emotional level, as he never met baby Sara. Maybe just on principle.

You're suffering from delusions of adequacy.

Re: Flashpoint - Diggle

I took it to mean that Barry has the power to change people's lives without them knowing it and that Barry did something without considering what the consequences would be. They were all justified in being upset at him but in the end the idea that he was willing to sacrifice himself so they and the rest of the Earth would be okay more or less mended the fence. It was the sort of thing that would make them mad at him for a short period of time but not forever. If anything, the person with the right to be most upset with him was the person most upset with him, and he came around, and so did everyone else.

Re: Flashpoint - Diggle

I guess I'm expecting Diggle to react more emotionally the logically. She never knew Sara but knowing someone could easily change the life of your kids has to be unsettling.

May the Force be with you.