Jeri Ryan : Bad proportions

Bad proportions

I don't think she looks that good. She has bad proportions. Those big giant boobs, and small skinny little arms shoulders and legs. I much prefer a woman like Megyn Price, who has meaty arms, shoulders and legs, and still has big boobs.

I like a woman who is meaty and shapely all over. All Jeri Ryan has are big boobs.

Re: Bad proportions

Well we'll have to agree to disagree on what we find attractive in a woman. Big boobs small boobs, doesn't really matter to me. "Meaty" is a huge turnoff for me though.
In my opinion Megyn Price is not even close to the same league as Jeri Ryan.

I don't even find Megyn attractive, she's about average at best.

Re: Bad proportions

Yes of course. Everybody likes different things. I am just stating what I like.

I like Virginia Madsen too.

Re: Bad proportions

But why come onto Jeri's page to start a thread disparaging her looks?

Instead, you should go to Megyn's page and compliment her looks.

Re: Bad proportions

I am not disparaging her. I think she is an incredibly beautiful woman. I am just making an observation.

I am single and I date lots of women. Most of them are beautiful in their own way. But, that does not mean I cannot discriminate between what I think looks better.

I have complimented Megyn's looks. I have also posted that in spite of her attractiveness to me, she has thin lips. She is still beautiful. But I am just making an observation.

Re: Bad proportions

Jeri Ryan has a great butt!

Re: Bad proportions

Yes, she is gorgeous. I was just making an observation.