Dick Curtis : A great comic villain

A great comic villain

Looking at Curtis in the several Three Stooges shorts he did as a bad guy, he kind of reminds me of Slim Pickens. Pickens, like Curtis, had the ability to have you laughing hysterically one second and then be terrified of him the next.

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Re: A great comic villain

Yet he was also a great Straight Villain too. It must've been a real treat to see him menacing Gene Autry one week and then getting to see him get the business from the Stooges the next week at the cinema.

Re: A great comic villain

Yes.....he could be a REAL villian or a comical bad guy at the same time.
Great bad guy - and he could sure play the buffon villian in the Stooges, LOL.

Enjoyable Player

Dick Curtis was an enjoyable player, whether in Three Stooges shorts or feature films, mostly westerns and action fare. Seeing Curtis,–in anything, really–is, for me, like seeing an old friend, a neighbor I remember from my childhood, an uncle, a schoolteacher–from way back; and always the nicer ones, the best ones. He's such a familiar actor that I just like his face, usually mustached, but not always. For some reason, maybe it's all the work he did with the Stooges, I just can't help but like the guy.