The Twilight Zone : Happy Twilight New Year!

Happy Twilight New Year!

Man was that special, and they did not disappoint. The gave it for three days straight plus and one day off, to bring it one last time one more day and still, have been been giving long day long marathons once a week since! This is the syfy that I used to love and miss before they added some really bad shows and wanted to make it hip. At least they didnt let go of this tradition even though they could've easily. I think they might not be able to since of it's huge viewers. It's such a good feeling to watch these shows any time of these days, whether your cozy, reflecting, bored, relaxing, any time of the day. A thought provoking, highly intense intellectual show, that makes you think and remember how insignificant, alone we are really are but also at our immense untapped potential. To end Christmas, the Year, and to start a fresh NEW YEAR!

Without strife, your victory has no meaning.
Without strife, you do not advance.
Without strife, there is only stagnation.

Re: Happy Twilight New Year!

It never gets old. Rod Serling = GOAT