Audrey Hepburn : Why was Audrey So Conservative that she Felt Her Kids Needed to Have Her DNA?

Why was Audrey So Conservative that she Felt Her Kids Needed to Have Her DNA?

Not s big a fan of Audrey Hepburn as man others but my grandma has now been yammering against about Audrey esp as its gonna be 30 years since she died soon and she's even bought a ticket to bring me to Switzerland with her (being a native of Scotland who later moved to London, she wishes to see her native UK one more time before she dies but plans to make detour in Europe).

She as obsessed with Audrey Hepburn in her teens and followed her all the way until after college until she disappeared from the Earth before coming out again in the 80s when she came back and did international charity.

So I pretty much know everything there s about Audrey a my Grandma keeps replaying movies of her and won't stop talking about her alongside Alan Delon, Sophia Loren, Peter O'Toole, Roger Moore, and other stars famous in her youth n the UK before she moved to America.

A particular thing that stands out is how grandma said she got kids because of Audrey Hepburn as she quotes various trivia about her life like ho she lived in Rome and delayed divorcing her cheating Psychiatrist husband because she wanted Luca to have a normal childhood……. Is how she cut down the relationship with William Holden when it was revealed they can't have children.

And it wasn't even because Holden didn't want the responsibility of being a father… Afterall Holden as willing to adopt children.. But because the operation that caused him to be infertile can't be reversed and he willingly openly declared to Audrey he would gladly have created a a child with her f it made her happy but the operation turned out permanent and damaged his uhhhm gential huhhhm functions for good.

So why was Audrey who so liberal even within Hollywood at the time and still is actually a bit far more left on some matters than California people are today…….. So apologetically backwards about this part of childrearing?

Both Sean and Luca openly expressed ho a loving mother Audrey was, even spoiling them both. So in its irony it doesn't make sense why she'd drop Holden all simply because the kids they will have cannot be her direct creation. Why would she view adopted children as undesirable alternative? The fact Holden divorced while they were together shows he really as fond of Audrey.

Can people who are actual Hepburn fans unlike me explain this bizarrely conservative element of her personality? I mean the whole reason my Grandma quickly dissolved racism against nonwhites is because of Audrey Hepburn's generous personality and its also Audrey Hepburn and her motherhood to Sean Ferrer and Luca Dotti why my Grandma deciared she wanted kids early on!

So its a personal question because Grandma didn't even want kids when she was in college until a few speeches from Audrey in public!