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Gone With the Wind

As Leonard Maltin described it, "one of the greatest examples of story-telling on film."

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Put it on a tripod!

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Bringing Up Baby and Citizen Kane are tied for first place. Hundreds of films are tied for second.

You gotta start off each day with a song ... even when things go wrong ....

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About 6,000, but I'll say "The Adventures of Robin Hood."

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Over the course of my life, I've had five favourite films.

In chronological order, they are...







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You're gonna need a bigger's Jaws. 😨

A black and white classic of mine would be King Kong (1933). 🐒

That's right! You're about to be killed by a zamboni!

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Seppuku (1962)

Midnight cowboy stained in black
reads dark roads without a map

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Chinatown and it's for the score more than anything else because there's simply nothing else like it in cinema.

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On a pure instinctual level, it's probably "Citizen Kane".

On a more analytical level, as in trying to see which film best fits my criteria for what is a good film? It's probably Tarkovsky's "The Mirror".

On a personal history level, it's almost definitely "The 400 Blows".

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Viridiana (1961)

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Lawrence of Arabia even more so than Once Upon a Time in the West.
Classic epic, intriguing, beautiful, powerful.


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But it's NOT that simple and everyone DOESN'T have one!

Anyway I guess since I got fairly serious about film, around 1987-8, I've had several. I've never been the kind of person who regularly re-watches anything, or watchese things every year (except for some Christmas stuff), at least not for long periods of time - sometimes I'll watch a film once a year for 3 or 4 years but it always drops off.

In the early days I alternated between several classics - Paths of Glory and The Third Man and Vertigo most often.

In 1990 I discovered Tarkovsky and soon saw Stalker, science fiction in a guise I hadn't seen, and seen in the perfect conditions for that first viewing (dark, cold, rainy night, walking a mile through an industrial wasteland to get to the cinema). I called it my favorite until

July 1996 when Dead Man opened in Chicago; I saw it 9 times first run and by the 4th or 5th I was ready to say it was my new favorite. It certainly helped me to see the western genre in a new light (I was woefully ignorant of neo-westerns at the time and even most Italian stuff) and it was funny and beautiful and intense in a way that few films have been before or since. It was the film I called my favorite for a decade until...

March 2007 when I saw Out 1 in the cinema, driving 5 hours each way and spending the weekend in Brooklyn with a friend who, out of sheer generosity of spirit, accompanied me both days (it played over a Saturday and Sunday) to see it though it definitely wasn't his cuppa. Jacques Rivette had already been one of my favorite filmmakers and this seemed to have all of his tricks and obsessions rolled into one gigantic package. It's been my favorite ever since, BUT...

In December of this past year I saw a brand new film that knocked my socks off and that compelled me to go back to the cinema four more times to see it (I may go again today). Like Dead Man it's a reworking of a classic genre, looking both forward and backward; like that film I'm afraid it won't actually have any real effect on commercial American filmmaking, which has been dedicated to pleasing 13-30 year-old manchildren with action, sci-fi and superheroes for 40 years now and ain't gonna change anytime soon just because one musical gets a lot of awards and makes a lot of money.

I think about what "best" means a lot I guess - too much - so I'm not entirely prepared to put the mantle onto La La Land just yet. But nothing I've seen in years has filled me with such utter joy through it's whole running time, and isn't that a big part of what art is supposed to do?

Here's to the fools who dream

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The Godfather

"You're dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway". - Walt Disney

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"Les enfants du paradis" (Children of Paradise) by Marcel Carné. (France, 1945).

I saw this movie for the first time in 1954, and since then I have never changed my mind about its paramount position.

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There a hundreds and hundreds of movies that I love for many, many reasons. But there are only a handful that I always return to over and over, especially when I am feeling out of sorts.

My favorite movie is The Bride of Frankenstein (1935).
It also has my favorite character , Dr. Pretorius.

"Dr. Pretorius. He's a very queer looking old gentleman."

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The Godfather - And La Strada

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American beauty - watched it over 10 times and will watch again!

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STAR WARS (1977)

"Once more, Ackbar will rule the Galaxy… and we shall have peace."

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