Just Shoot Me! : Nina's clothes

Nina's clothes

First, let me just say: I loved Nina—aside from Finch, I think she was the funniest character amidst a very funny cast. But after re-watching the show many times (which I taped, of course haha...) I realized: for a woman who was a former fashion model-come-fashion editor at a fashion-oriented magazine, and also someone who frequently derided others for their allegedly poor wardrobe choices—Nina never wore many stylish clothes herself, if you ask me.

I mean, she wasn't a slob either—but her clothes mostly consisted of simple mono-colored dresses, which I know can still be fashionable. And I'm no expert on fashion myself—but overall, to the untrained eye she didn't seem that impressive in her fashion choices. Anyone agree?

Re: Nina's clothes

Nina was a night owl and didn't want to stress in the mornings about her outfits, buna

So really simples is best way, hana