Below : Absolutely one of the worst!!

Absolutely one of the worst!!

What an extremely boring and predictable movie. A tired old theme of a haunted sub with ridiculous characters, plots and subplots. If you couldn't figure this one out at least half way through the movie, there is something wrong. You already know quickly which characters are going to get bumped off, and the "haunting" theme is so simplistic. Scare factor is a zero.

"Ghost ship" was so much better then this sad ripoff! Thank God, I didn't have to pay seeing this in a theater. Please do yourself a favor, and don't waste a couple hours of your life watching this dog.

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Yawn. Another 'this is the worst move ever' type of thread. There's far worse movies than this and a lot of them. This was neither bad or very good. However, it was well directed and acted in the most part and the setting made the old ghost story seem a little bit fresh, even if there were little surprises from the mid-way point.

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I wish I listened to this post before I watched it... but I did anyway. It wasn't the worst movie ive seen but it definatley wasn't worth 1.75 hours of my life.

What about the forests?...... NOPE!

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It was entertaining and enjoyable. It sounds like some people haven't seen very many really bad movies. It's always funny to me when they say they wasted this amount of time or can never get this amount of time back. LOL dude. You know you can turn something off if you don't like it, right?

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Re: Absolutely one of the worst!!

The first 2/3rds of the movie are actually pretty good. There’s a decent sense of suspense and claustrophobic horror.

However, the ending completely derails the entire movie and becomes the cheesiest thing I’ve ever watched.