Are All Men Pedophiles? : this is wrong and unethical immoral

this is wrong and unethical immoral

with as many ways they tried to say the right things this doc goes out of it's way to also condone pedophilia. they go as close as possible to supporting pedophilia by giving acceptable natural urges credence disgusting.

saying in 100 years pedophilia will be at least in mental terms just as acceptable as homophobia. really? the problem with that is making it acceptable to think these thoughts have these feelings means they also support the actions of pedophilia bc if you are told it's ok to have these feelings then you are also saying it's ok to act on them bc a human acts on their feelings and urges.

so in the same way as being gay became acceptable so will be a pedophile.


Re: this is wrong and unethical immoral

Yes they are

Jesus Christ is lord ✝️

Re: this is wrong and unethical immoral

so you agree with me that this doc is completely inappropriate and evil?

it did bring up some very interesting and intriguing points. 1 is they kept bringing up the fact that girls mature physically and mentally about 2 years faster than boys so a boy is physically and mentally mature by 18 whereas a girl is both by 16 so therefore a girl is also mature sexually and ready to have sex at 16 which biologically makes sense.

so then it totally is natural and normal and makes sense how most girls lose their virginity at 16 years old nowadays.

they also brought up the fact that most women are in a relationship with an older man. which statistically is true bc my whole life i've noticed this weird thing. my dad was 7 years older than my mom and now my stepdad is a lot older than my mom and you go everywhere every relationship it is almost always true after you get out of high school

that a man is always older than the women is in a relationship which also then makes sense why men who are married are usually the first person to die then the wife a few years later.

and the only reasons why a woman in high school is with a man who is her age is bc she is in classes with guys who are in her age so then she gets to know them from her classes and also bc she can't choose older guys really in high school bc of the what is normal structure in high school.

and bc a woman in high school doesn't have much choice in terms of guys being older than her bc the older guys already have girlfriends and even the older guys are only 3 or less years older than them so it wouldn't make a big difference anyway if she got with a guy 3 years or 2 years older than her.

2. that the us's 18 age of consent law is arbitrary and completely pointless and devoid of merit or meaning.

3. and if they went by what they should be going by which is girls should lose their virginity at 16 bc biologically they are physically mentally and sexually done maturing then, they should make the age of consent 16.

4. i love the point about women raping under 18 boys is somehow acceptable but when a man does the same thing at the same age and the girl at the same age it is rape?

5. i also thought is was very intriguing this idea that if a boy in high school is raped by his 25 year old woman teacher and he doesn't report it which is usually what happens then it wasn't rape.

but this of course is faulty logic bc most of the time the woman teacher is the one pressuring the boy to have sex with her. so its not that the boy want' raped bc he didn't report it he didn't report it bc he feels ashamed by what he did and doesn't want his parents finding out what he did.

i say change the age that a woman cane become a teacher in high school to avoid this constantly occurring thing happening. make her have to be 40 years old and this problem will almost completely go away.

bc if you look at all the cases of this happening its always a woman who is 25 27 32 35 years old never is the woman teacher 40 or older. bc an under 18 year old boy is not going to want to have sex with an old to him 40 year old woman. if they can put a 40 year age requirement to be president of the us then they can do it here also. do you agree with my proposition?

it is time they protect all boys and girls in high school from being raped by their teachers.

6. a man hugging a 12 or 8 or younger girl in public who is not related to him and whom he doesn't know is wrong and criminal feeling to most people but a woman of the same age as this man hugging a girl of the same ages in public whom she doesn't know is totally fine bc women are kind and loving, harmless and protective of little girls? what the fuck? this is so wrong and women can get away with doing bad things to little girls if we continue to do this.

stop having a double standard about these things and also stop assuming automatically that a man hugging a stranger girl in public is wrong.

actually you dont have to stop the double standard you just have to not feel it's wrong and judge every time you see a man or woman hugging a stranger girl in public.


Re: this is wrong and unethical immoral

Every hole is a goal

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