Henry Winkler : Henry Winkler in Panto this year

Henry Winkler in Panto this year

He's been announced as playing Captain Hook in Peter Pan at the New Wimbledon Theatre, London this Christmas.

Panto is wonderful fun! Good luck to him

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For the beneit of any American's here you may want to define pantomime. Some American kids were at our local pantomime last year and when everyone booed the villain when he entered and all these American kids were going "No, no! Don't do that! What are you doing?!?!!?! He's a good actor! Don't boo!".

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panto for dummies

personally i think pantos suck, one way of putting them is taking a fairly tale and having it made by george lucas

for the guys in the US here's a guide:

never seen a peter pan one but here's a example of that last saw i had to sit through jack and the beanstalk:

give jack (woman like it usually is in most productions of peter pan) a brother (everyone has one cinderlla had one nice sibling in that show. he would place something on a corner like a teddy bear and the kids have to call him every time someone goes near it)

give the giant a henchman

20 stupid songs half of which have nothing with the orignal story

have the mother (man in drag normally referred to as pantomine dame) act like she's from from pre-school show

and have half the cast kidnapped in the worst possible version of 99 bottles of a beer on the wall (songs vary was the best example i could think of. henchman takes actors of stage before there's 98 and repeats until all have gone)

99 actors are not actually on stage

kids meet the brother at some point and gets prizes, sometimes there's one who gets forgot about (part of the show they all get something only if they're on stage)

actors usually are soap stars and tv presenters u rarely get big names like the fronz

and there's always a princess in danger (or prince charming) even if the original story didn't have one

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"personally i think pantos suck, one way of putting them is taking a fairly tale and having it made by george lucas"

In fairness your panto analysis is slightly jaded. I think you just live in the wrong area. In my area our panto's are fantastic, written by great people with a wicked blend of humour for adults and kids alike, great choreography from our resident choreographer (who prefers to stay away from jazz hands style dancing and add more refined, stylistic moves),some brilliant regular cast members (for the past 7 years James Nickerson has been our dame and he is pretty much the reason people come, he's amazing!) and the songs are fantastic too (courtesy of Francis Goodhand, our genius composer, when they did Beauty And The Beast in our theatre he did an excellent act one in the form of a genius parody of "One Day More" from Les Miserables), and, as an added twist, last year and this year the panto has/will taken/take place in the Theatre Royal's Big Top Tent (due to the theatre being restored to its original Georgian grandeur), the first Big Top constructed for the purpose of theatrical performances in the country, providing a great, surprisingly warm, atmosphere and also enabling the cast and crew to incorporate acrobatics into the piece, last year with Robinson Crusoe, the chorus characters called The Funky Monkeys, did an amazing trapeze piece and this year we are doing Aladdin which will boast realy flying carpets!

After all this spectacle I was extremly let down when I went to see a pantomime up north in Yorkshire with some relatives. I found the material stodgy, predictable and bland. I think panto quality does depend on whereabouts you live!

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real flying carpets!!!

after chitty chitty bang bang i would think it's possible now!

come to think about it if george lucas (last time i swear) did make the last one i saw chances are the giant wouldn't look crap.

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I actually saw this while I was in London in December, although Panto isn't my favorite choice of theater it was very enjoyable and you could tell that Mr. Winkler was having a blast on stage. He did a great job and I hope he had as much fun as he looked!

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I saw him too. He was great. =) The pirates were just hilarious!

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Ok i know it's old but was told somebody had seen Mr. T do a panto in liverpool years ago.

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ive seen him twice nowat woking and at milton keynes, both times playing captain hook. I even got to meet him after the milton keynes one :D