Cynthia Rothrock : Her voice

Her voice

I was just wondering:

In which movies was her voiced dubbed by someone else? I know her Hong Kong movies from Yes Madam to Undefeatable are among them, as well the original English-language version of Lady Dragon. Correct me if I'm wrong if it was originally in English. Thanks in advance.

Re: Her voice

Actually, "Undefeatable" and "Honor and Glory" (another Hong Kong film, both of which were directed by Godfrey Ho) didn't feature any dubbing.

I've seen about half of Rothrock's movies and, with the exception of her overseas pictures, I've never heard of her voice being dubbed in an original print. There could be exceptions, of course. Offhand, I'd guess that her voice may have been done by someone else in "24 Hours to Midnight" - Leo Fong never had good production values to begin with, and most of the time, the character supposed to be played by Cynthia is actually somebody else, so it's possible.