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Obscure Cynthia Movies

Cynthia seems to have a lot of obscure titles in her filmography - stuff like "Magic Crystal" and "City Cops" that only a few people have seem to have watched, and then some downright mysterious fare like "Jungle Heat" and "No Witnesses" that there's barely any information listed.

Has anybody on the board actually seen any of this stuff?

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May be.

They used to show her movies all the time on late night TV in Romania back in the late 90's and early 2000's.

Also, her B movies were pretty popular with VHS buyers here in Eastern Europe.

So I might have seen some of her most obscure *beep* but I can't recall which one.

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Deep Cover seem to have been added 2000 only recently... im looking for this one... never found it yet... no ebay buy. Fight to Win seem pretty rare too... only 1 copie on ebay... at 25 bucks... I wanna see it but from what i read its an old 1987 or so movie and its very cheesy... Im a fan of cynthia but 25 bucks is a bit expensive for an old movie. Deep Cover is 1997 tough... more in the years i prefer... less cheesy punch sound and all...

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Not sure if it's a mix-up but Fight To Win was the UK title of Eyes of the Dragon. Beyond the Law was the UK title of City Cops.

To the OP. Rothrock was pretty huge on the video in the late 80s/early 90s when the market for Hong Kong films was growing and she had her big US hit China O'Brien. Her HK films had okay distribution but when she started doing mostly awful low-budget US productions that the demand seem to wither and it is these that are pretty hard to find.

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there is a release of Cynthia Rothrock, kind of a 6 movies on 2 DVDs box. its epic. Sadly, only german audio, but as german, its okay ;D
the picture quality is vhs-like, but the action and the price (10 Euros in the stores, 15 Euros on is a no-brainer

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I had a small part in her film The Hostage... took me years to track down a vhs copy from the production company that cast it... I converted it to dvd... still havent watched all the film, even with me in it... it was THAT BAD...