Mickey Rooney : Him and Ernest Borgnine

Him and Ernest Borgnine

[on his feud with Ernest Borgnine] "All the Oscars in the world can't buy him dignity, class and talent. I don't know why he is famous and why he is a star. Talk about a lucky jerk."

What's up with that other than envy?

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Re: Him and Ernest Borgnine

I did not know they had a feud, and I don't know when that comment was m b68 ad, but I do know it always seemed to me that when you saw Mickey interviewed later on in life, half the time he came across as very angry.

"...I could tell you blood-curdling stories...but me throat's gone dry..."

Re: Him and Ernest Borgnine

They would feud on occasion (I suspect this comment was from the mid-60s as Ernest had a similar one about him around the same time) but were in reality great friends.

Both had worked with each other on television shows and in events based in Hollywood itself -- in "The Legend of O.B. Taggart", a western written by Mickey, the part of the Sheriff was played by Ernest Borgnine.

They last worked together in "Nightclub" (2011) -- at an autograph signing at one of those comicbook conventions someone mentioned to Ernest about this supposed feud with Mickey mentioned on the internet, possibly a reference to these decades old quotes on sites like the IMDB -- he said there was no b68 feud and urged the person who asked to let everyone online know that fact.

I know the day after Ernest's death at a reunion of the cast and crew of "It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World" staged in Hollywood, Mickey asked the audience for a minute's silence (this is part of the special features in the Criterion bluray version of the movie)