Mickey Rooney : Birthday Wish to a Living Legend!

Birthday Wish to a Living Legend!

Today is what would have been Mickey Rooney's ninety-fourth birthday and I wish all the deepest and warm sentiments to what I call a true living legend. He died on April 6 of this year and this is the first birthday of his since then in which he is not alive on. Although he wasn't nearly as major in the movie business in my time as he was back in the mid twentieth century his name was still a familiar one in the world of acting and he starred and acted in at least several films every yea 238 r. His death was an incredible shock to me despite that he didn't have the big name that he had had decades earlier. The total amount of on-screen appearances he made was likely greater than any other individual and acting in over three hundred movies for over an eighty-five year time period he's likely the only person ever to act in at least one motion picture for ten consecutive decades (the IMDB indicates the same thing in it's biography of him). This gives him an outstanding place not only in the acting industry but in the history of humanity. He was mor b68 e than a Hollywood legend, he was a living hero in our world. Happy Birthday to a man who will be forever missed but never forgotten! Mickey was unbelievably dedicated and though heart-wrenching it's exhilarating to know all the peace he's at now. To Mickey: "You'll be thought of deeply forever by every generation throughout the world!"

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Happy Birthday and RIP,Mickey Rooney.Its true Mickey Rooney has passed on,but he is STILL a living legend.All the old movies,tv movies,and guest spots will keep his memory alive.

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Of course and he was unlike any actor in human history given (for one thing) that he had been put in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest film career ever! What grabbed me so much about this though was the experiences brought onto him by keeping this acting career of his moving through as many generations as he had and seeing through the upgrades and alterations in film and motion picture technology throughout almost ninety years as well as the advances in other aspects of society and technology, and traveling as much as he did to shoot all those different films. Also as society moves from one stage to another different elements are or are not acceptable and I'm sure he noticed these differences. When he began his career back in the 1920's many settings, plot lines and roles which would now draw an extreme deal of controversy were commonly used and drew the attention of numerous fans everywhere and I'm sure he was an incredible inspiration to everyone he came into contact with in terms of this as time went on. I'm so intrigued by his life of determination, progress and endurance and hope to make some outstanding tribute in his honor at some point. He'll defin 2000 itely be forever a living legend!

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I see your point but I just meant that his legend lives on forever even though he's not living.

Long live the 80's!