Mickey Rooney : Mickey's Brother ???

Mickey's Brother ???

Here in Dallas sometime in the early '80s I met a pianist who was introduced to me as Mickey's brother yet I've seen no reference to Mickey having had any siblings in his bio (at least here on IMDb). I can't remember the man's first name but I do his last and it was Yule. Did he have any brothers or sisters?

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According to Wikipedia (which I know isn't a really reliable source) and Google, he was an only child. His son, Mickey Rooney Jr. had siblings though.

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he is any only child. but you may have met his song Mickey Rooney Jr. there are no doubt Yule's out there though. i dunno if he was related to any of them though. and actually his song Jr. is actually named Joe Yule the 3rd.

kinda like David Carrdine's real name isn't that.he's named after his father actually. but changed it when he became an actor. and Hank Wililams's real name is Randal but his mom changed to live off his dad's name when he was a kid.
and he's just kept. Hank Jr's. son real name isn't Hank at all either. he's just going by the name cause it got him famous and because both him & hank jr.

do respect the work and the man their father & grandfather was. my point is you may have met one of Mickey's Kids. Jr. is almost 70 now, without looking i forget if he's the one that died a few years back. and his youngest is i think 44 or 45.