Mickey Rooney : Guest on Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker show

Guest on Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker show

Anyone else remember those appearances?

They were ... interesting.

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I never knew he made those appearances. I would love to see them. I hope somebody had the sense to save them. They're an important part of his career. They either express his sincere religious convictions or were just his way of hitting all the bases in his career, making sure he had done it all. I'm a little skeptical, but then maybe the stars did have common religious beliefs: Mae West appeared with Leroy Jenkins, an Ohio televangelist and Jimmy Durante once showed up to play the piano and sing a few hymns on a Jerry Falwell (I think) show. 2000

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They were an embarrassing part of his career. Watching the campy spectacle, viewers like me, who tuned in purely for the entertainment value, had a hard time figuring out who was screwier, Rooney or Tammy Faye.

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I watched the shows for the same reason you did...and hate to say it, but I sort of miss them. Not the aspect of people being bilked out of their money, but the shows themselves were entertaining.
I was already interested in old movies when JIM AND TAMMY were in full swing (early to mid 1980's) so was sure to watch when Mickey Rooney appeared.
All I actually remember is him saying something about an angel had appeared to him (in the form of a human) and saved him from some calamity.
I especially remember him saying, "I know that I know, that I know that I know..." Actually, not sure how many times he said the "I know part," but knowing MIckey, he went for the full effect.
Don't remember if he made more than one appearance.
A few other "celebrity" appearances, that I would love to see again because I am not sure if they really happened the way I remember. I remember them like this:
Jim B. was announcing the upcoming guest for the day, "One our finest actresses today. Someone who really ranks with the greats." etc. One would honestly have thought Bette Davis was going to appear and it was...Kim "Tootie" Fields from THE FACTS OF LIFE!
This one I am pretty sure really happend: Troy Beyer was hot because of DYNASTY and made an appearance. She was talking along and someone (maybe Tammy) asked her about being young in Hollywood.
"Well, I am sure Jesus partied." she replied.
I swear there was dead silence from the audience and she never came back.
Ah memories...(but are they accurate???).