Mickey Rooney : Thought of him earlier tonight

Thought of him earlier tonight

I was watching TV with my little grandson Sunday night when he asked me why I had started laughing. I explained that it was because his dad, when he was five, had met my uncle and immediately thought he recognized him, though he'd never met him before. He thought my uncle was Bill, the mentally handicapped character Mickey played in a TV movie we had watched together a few days before.

This was hours before I heard that Mickey passed away. But it's indicative of how much Mickey is a part of so many of our memories. I believe Mickey would have got a smile from knowing of the incident with my son and uncle.

I last saw Mickey as an audience member on Jay Leno's last telecast. When I've thought of Mickey in the past months, it's been to recall what a fantastic career he had. Eighty years in motion pictures! Has anyone else achieved that? The man was the only person alive who could boast of having had his own silent movie series! He was in classic films, had his own series on radio and television and did every other kind of entertainment, from quiz shows as a guest to cartoon voices.

His career reminds me of Charles Foster Kane's estate. So vast no one can catalog nor appraise all of it!

So long, Mickey and thanks. I wish I could have met you.

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Re: Thought of him earlier tonight

I was thinking of him a few days ago just out of the blue, wondering how he was doing. Well now I know. Same thing with Shirley Temple only in her case I'd just read her autobiography.
R I P Mickey.

Re: Thought of him earlier tonight

I thought of Mickey Rooney before The Oscar's. I thought The Oscar's would have some LEGENDS ,present an award,as usual they GOT it WRONG. Mickey Rooney had a long and GREAT life and CAREER.Who did'nt cry with him with "Boy's Town","Andy Hardy",and later the tv movie,"BILL"? To be a fan of someone.ALL of your life,to the end of their's,is an accomplishment for that actor,and That WAS Mickey Rooney !!! RIP.