Mickey Rooney : Your Martini Shot....RIP Micky

Your Martini Shot....RIP Micky

You lived a full and wonderful life! Thank you for so many wonderful years of entertainment Mr. Rooney!

And now let the credits role for the last time....

Re: Your Martini Shot....RIP Micky

I don't know what was in the man's heart and mind when he took his last breath, but I'm sure there wasn't any career ambitions he felt were being left unfulfilled. The man could and did do it all, from movies to radio to TV. If everything he did was extant, it'd take someone a lifetime to experience it all! I hope he died happy.

"All necessary truth is its own evidence." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Re: Your Martini Shot....RIP Micky

I'm gonna miss him. Now he's with his best friend, Judy Garland.

I love you, Kristen Stewart. :) You are so beautiful and talented. I would love to perform with you.