Mickey Rooney : Rest in Peace Mr. Rooney.

Rest in Peace Mr. Rooney.

Mickey will always be Mr. Turner, the hermit in Little Spies. He helped a bunch of kids rescue a dog that was scheduled to be destroyed from the pound! He let them train ala boot camp style on his land with old carnival equipment. That is the only thing I think I have ever seen him in, but it's a great movie from my childhood! Thank you Mr. Rooney for awesome memories! Rest in Peace Dear Mickey.

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Re: Rest in Peace Mr. Rooney.

What a legend. Lov 5b4 ed him in The Black Stallion. He just got better as he got older. Love you, Mickey. Godspeed Sir.

Re: Rest in Peace Mr. Rooney.

RIP, you amazing performer. You will be missed. :-( I love your talent. Todd from Fox & the Hound, Santa Claus from Santa Claus is Comin' to Town, Wizard/Professor Marvel from The Wizard of Oz at Madison Square Garden s, and Gus from Night at the Museum.

I love you, Kristen Stewart. :) You are so beautiful and talented. I would love to perform with you.

Re: Rest in Peace Mr. Rooney.

LOL Mickey dies & look at the vermin that's replacing him in "Hollywood" -- if it can still be called that.


Re: Rest in Peace Mr. Rooney.

When I went to the Ava Gardner Museum, I watched a short bio about her and Mickey had nothing but wonderful things to say about her! Beautiful clip of Mickey and Ava playing ping pong on youtube. RIP Mick. God bless your family and friends.