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check this review

But The New York Times, in flowery prose, mused on the most interesting aspect of the production, the casting of the two leads: "We doubt if any other two stablemates in Hollywood could have translated the horsy hokum of such a plot into the fine professional sentimentality that causes handkerchiefs to break out like signals presaging the storm of embarrassed nose-blowing that is to follow.... Mickey turns on the tears, the laughs, the hysterics, at will, just like the perfect little screen virtuoso he is.... Anybody who can just break even before a camera with the invincible Beery is good, and Mickey, full of the fire of youth, even gets a shade the best of the encounter."

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this is in reference to a film "Stablemates" with Wallece Beery....Mick at his best.
This film,then later on "Requiem for a Heavyweight" with Jackie Gleason and Anthony Quinn