Basil Rathbone : Basil Rathbone - Top 30 Highest Rated

Basil Rathbone - Top 30 Highest Rated

Countdown to Basil Rathbone's greatest films 1935-1962

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Hi Steve

Excellent video.

Nothing much I can disagree with.

But for quibbles. Perhaps Tower of London should have made the top 30.

The top ten would be pretty much my top ten.

**I recently learned an interesting and odd factoid about Rathbone. He was an MGM contract player in the 1940's. I think this will surprise most folks as he rarely made films in that decade for MGM, working mainly on loan-out to Universal in the Sherlock Holmes series.

***What an outstanding year he had in 1935 with his #2, #3, and #4 movies.

****Rathbone replaced Claude Rains as The Phantom of the Opera in the radio version. I think he was considered at one time for the role in the movie, but am not certain. Still, it is interesting to consider how he would have done in the role. Rains was not all that threatening. What about Rathbone?

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Hi John, glad you enjoyed the video and thanks for the factoid. Rathbone would have made a sinister Phantom and he has a great voice too, but so does Rains. I loved Rains in Casablanca "I'm only a poor corrupt official".

Sherlock fitted Rathbone like a glove, he had the perfect profile for it. But some people weren't happy with Nigel Bruce's buffoonish Watson. I don't mind him, the series would have been too serious without Bruce. I have the DVD box set.

Tower of London would have been inn 33rd position with 6.4. Comedy of Terrors just missed the top 30 too. I could have squeezed them in if I made it a top 35. I just wanted to make sure all 14 Holmes films were in there. Ghost in the Invisible Bikini was at the bottom of my master list of 50 films with a score of 4.3.

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hi Steve

There have been several very good Holmes over the years, but Rathbone has to be considered the best or close to it (Peter Cushing was also very good)

Of the Watsons, Nigel Bruce was okay, but my favorite is Bernard Fox who played the role in a 1972 TV version of Hound. Stewart Granger was a good, but not great, Holmes in that one. William Shatner was also in it as Stapleton.

Of the outstanding Holmes's, I have seen Jeremy Brett, but not Ian Richardson, plus the various TV versions going back to Ronald Howard (and even a couple of Russian actors). Rathbone & Cushing do stand out, although quite a few did a decent job.