Basil Rathbone : Basil Rathbone TV pilot

Basil Rathbone TV pilot

In either '61 or '62, I forget which to be honest, Rathbone starred in a television pilot about the LaFayette Escadrille. It went unsold and I don't think it has ever surfaced. I met him at the time, dressed in full military regalia and we had an interesting conversation, mostly centering on the Sherlock Holmes films. I mentioned something about residuals and he said, "Dear boy, if I had gotten residuals for those films, I wouldn't be here today!"

Re: Basil Rathbone TV pilot

Dear The Daz,
Thank you for sharing that anecdote about meeting and speaking with the
Great Mr.Rathbone.For me,he shall always be the Greatest portrayer of Sherlock Holmes.
To Better Days,