The Man in the High Castle : Slow going, dumb writing

Slow going, dumb writing

It's not really the pacing I object to, as I enjoy a good, slow pace. But I've just finished the third episode of Season 2, and each episode is barely interesting enough for me to want to continue. But the writing is really, really dumb. Notwithstanding the fact that I don't really care about any characters so far, here are some examples that really irk me:

1. Those goddamn films. So far, no one has ever questioned whether or not the films are even genuine. "Where do these films come from" is the first obvious question. They show an alternative reality. It looks pretty real. Could it be an excellent fake? Noooo, it's obviously from a different universe! Nothing is done in this series to even attempt to explore rational explanations.

2. The nazis call themselves nazis. That's pretty hilarious. It's like the Japanese calling themselves "Japs" or "Pons". Or communists calling themselves "commies". The nazis even include "nazi empire" in their oath of allegiance, it's absurd. There was a real life Hitler-oath, why didn't they just use that one? "Nazi" was what opponents of nazis always called them - the nazis themselves hated that term, and preferred "national socialist". Or, when referring to the Reich, Reich. Or Deutsches Reich. Never "nazi Reich" or "nazi empire".

3. Ok, so Heydrich attempts to assassinate Smith. But so far I have not come across anything resembling an explanation as to why. Not only that, but when Heydrich fails, he tries to recruit Smith. Shouldn't that have been the first step? Try to recruit, and only when that fails, try to assassinate?

4. When Juliana escaped from the trunk of the car, two Japanese guards were killed by the resistance in the ensuing kerfuffle. As a reprisal, the Japanese authorities were going to execute 12 innocent civilians. So Frank is approached by the resistance to help them save these civilians. Ummm… why? How can they possibly be this stupid? If they succeed in saving the civilians, do they think the Japs will simply shrug and carry on as they were? No, they were going to kill 12 civilians. If not these civilians, then some other civilians. And then, in the rescue attempt, the idiot resistance kill a further three soldiers. So now there's going to be reprisals for them, too. If we figure 6 civilians per soldier, we're now up to 30. Attempting to prevent reprisals is only ever a good idea if there's a VIP among the civilians who is important for the cause, or if they manage to vanquish the entire occupying force. So can this handful of idiots win the whole damn war? No? Then they should let those 12 civilians die. The alternative is worse. But this is as far as I've gotten at this point - we'll see just how much plot armour the occupied people have.

Re: Slow going, dumb writing

Do they even attempt to stay close to the novel?