Sex and Dating : Tales of Worst First Date Fails/Date Fails? ๐Ÿ˜€

Tales of Worst First Date Fails/Date Fails? ๐Ÿ˜€

A Woman said she met a cute guy on the train and they flirted and they got each other's numbers and made plans to eat at a Sushi Restaurant for their first official Date. At the Sushi Restaurant, he asked her why her last relationship failed. She responded,"We both mutually agreed that our relationship wasn't working. " He responded,"Maybe you should stop being a Bitch in your relationships! "๐Ÿง She was stunned and insulted, but decided to stay on the date.

The Sushi Restaurant bill was $80 for the two of them. She went to the bathroom, for real and not as an excuse to duck out on him and leave him with the bill. When she was done with the bathroom, she returned to him and he implied he paid the bill and was rushing her to leave with him. She felt rushed but glad their Restaurant date was over.

They left the Restaurant and about a block away, their Waiter ran after them screaming something like,"You didn't pay the bill!" She was mortified and confused. They went back to the Restaurant and her date claimed he thought he paid but must have forgotten to pay after all. She asked him how he could he forget to pay?

He was like,"Um… He tried to pay with about three different Credit Cards that were all declined. He soon told the truth. His credit cards all ended up being maxed out and he was embarrassed, so his plan was to just dine and dash and hope the Waiter didn't catch on. The Woman was disgusted and mortified. She took out her working credit card and paid for both of their meals and apologized profusely to their Waiter.

After the dreaded date, she walked away from him very briskly, hoping to send him the signal she was over him and didn't want to date him anymore. He didn't get the hint and ran to her saying he liked her and their date and wanted a second date. She snapped at him and asked,"Where? The local dumpster?" He called her a Bitch again and just 30 seconds later changed gears and told her he liked her a lot promised her flowers and candy. She thought,"This guy's a psycho! She said,"I NEVER want to see you again. NEVER! He finally got the hint and they went their separate ways.๐Ÿคฃ

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My name is Karen, not Kentry.

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