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Shout Out to Evil Dead

SPOILERS ahead - you have been forwarned…

You know, it actually took me until the part when Heather's parents are trying to take her home to realize this movie's Shout Out to The Evil Dead. Of course, I noticed Bruce Campbell in the first ten seconds, but I didn't put two and two together until the trees started grabbing people and ripping people out of their cars. How cool was that? So awesome that they got Bruce to be in this. Woot woot!

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I've not seen this but, the plot makes me think a little of 'Suspiria'."> &">

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Yes, just what I thought. It can't be a coincidence that Bruce Campbell was cast in this as he was so famous for the Evil Dead movie with it's notorious 'tree rape' scene. Inspired!

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You'll also note he says the line, "I can't understand it!" at least 3 times (remember when in The Evil Dead his friend tells him there was a problem with the steering wheel and he replies, "I can't understand it, I just had this thing in for a tune-up and they said they'd go over everything!".

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The Crucible limited tv series had a shout out to Evil Dead also. The part where the girl child was chased by spirits into the woods where she hid behind a tree. The tree limb grabbed her shoulder and held her there for a while.