Ice-T : yo ice

yo ice

the bastards of israel do not allow the blacks to stady or to get weapons the black panthers are controlled from these bastard so i tried to help you and make it as simple as i can

Microwave weapons are easy and cheap to build using the equipment from a Microwave Cuisine.

I suggest 300 ghz as the bigger the frequency the better the penetration this is the you can see the basic circuit image I did upload in here,h_214,al_c,q_75/a5d45e_15be426503a04d39a0acc00da97bd055.jpg

and have in mind that 2,000 watts of energy is quite enough for destroying and electronics and you need an aluminum cone to form them into a beam like this,h_229,al_c,q_75/a5d45e_918bc2aad6ac494583d02a2aab978326.jpg

Then you can fry the bastards of Israel in usa alive inside their buildings.

Ice-t is for havy staff if you link a neodimium magnet with plastic explossives you will destroy all the elecrical wires to the city.

how to attack nsa? they have almost in every street a person that they call sherif they have 2 omni antennas at the rooftop and a satelight dish to keep the connection with the center they did put cameras in the chellhphones to listen and see you they can read what you write to computer or any electrical machine you can attack them kill them and steal their equipment

An email i did send to vaticano and to all islamic nations

> Sent: Tuesday, January 03, 2017 3:06 PM
> Subject:
>> send this to the lamer in vaticano
>> the problem is nobody open to read what is really inside "if someone
>> dosen't wanted to me king to them bring them and kill him before me"
>> loukas I8 (giota thita in greek) 27 "if someone is not with me is against
>> me" matheos IB "fire i came to put on earth, and what else i want if
>> started? do you think i came to bring peace in the earth? No i say i came
>> to put disagreement" loukas IB 49 bit the most discasting was "if some one
>> comes to me and he dosent hate his father and his mother , his wife and
>> his children, his brothers and his sisters eve his own soul he can't be my
>> student" john G (greek leter gama) 38 even inside you will find in the end
>> they allow only a smal number alive all of them jews and if you ask why
>> they say lies why they build the 'aliens' in the labratories to kill us
>> alland they wanted me to release them!? *beep* you moron i liked
>> that i mess up to you and you can't hit russia anymore. Did you liked
>> the blue monday inside usa? of corce you did more people in danger
>> if we trow all california to the sea or destroy NY as i said i will
>> do it what you will do? we had enough of your crap
>> morons
>> John Giatrakis (

if you open the 2 jewish religlion books and read them you will find that In simple words is saying all the nations will be destroyed and israel will have borders up to kuwait!? Is full of haterate and nothing else.

Sound weapons can be created and form into an adjustable beam to cover a big area or 1 individual target up to 6 km there are many frequencies used in that area but we will focus to the defensive frequency and to the attacking frequency only.

1) The defensive frequency 3hz to 5hz 65db a rough sound like a deep blow or a boat machine.

The target loses the ability to make even simple operations, disorientation, deteriorb68ation of peripheral vision, optical illusion, panic, goosebumps, tremble with fear, bad feeling, etc

2) The attacking frequency 0.5 hz
The result is death by heart attack

As these sounds cant be heard for the human ear is very difficult for them to find out from were or what is killing them imagine all of them to drop dead by heart attack in a range of 6 km (compressed air) and there is no defense to something like this. Also you can form this to a beam and the gun must be linked with the heart of the assassin you will send (if he operates to foreign environment) to activate the wide speaker on it and turn the place to a no mans land, to kill as many as you can this way.

Your targets are David Rockefeller, Andrew mellon, Edmond Rothschild