Ice-T : this guy is the worst emcee around.

this guy is the worst emcee around.

he's a snow flake man in a way you couldn't be a snow flake for an entire year and never have perspective. he's like the reverse rick james, the coke ecstacy on his album.

anyway i just listened to his music for the first time. most of the 91 album. worst morals in the game for the least brain. this is the one where i said no way can he be anything reasonable in the game.

the track about some drug addict (maybe another snow FLAKE - not RJ on record) getting scared about the cops harrassing him so he or she thinks it's a good idea to call the cops on the neighbor to get out of trouble with kids, and take the kids away, but it's based on imagination given the nature of the story.

if you analyze what would HAVE to be going on behind the scenes that is what the track is about, no one has displayed how *beep* up cokehead thinking can be on record like this guy cuz you make an album over like a year or something so this would have to be willful.

in 1991 he had no morals whatsoever. the thinking about that is making ANY DIFFERENCE good or bad is good but he is a sociopath says the dumbest stuff on record and then the smart is good but not good for a high note. he's a retarded snow flake retard on record the way you couldn't be cuz it takes so long to make a record that you would have time for perspective.

so coked up on record that he's always going to be clean by comparison in life. *beep* him man.

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Re: this guy is the worst emcee around.

This has to be one of the dumbest posts l have ever read on imdb.

Go *beep* off dumbass, Ice T is awesome!!!

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