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Ice T Burn

My favorite show on TV is SVU. There are only two errors that Dick Wolf made. 1) The horrible way he barely mentioned "Elliot Stabler" (Chris Meloni) leaving the precinct. Not even one episode on Stabler exiting the show. 2) Hiring Ice T to fill his politically correct slot of an African American player on his show. I just know there are plenty of "Tough Guy" black actors out there that would've done a better job of acting cool & tough. It's really pathetic that Ice T only gets "One-liners" since that's all he can memorize. He always seems to be a lap dog when interfacing with Benson or Stabler. I noticed that about once in each season Ice T is given one whole episode to star in. In my opinion he is so fake, he can't act his way out of a paper bag. He is extremely unattractive, he TRIES to ACT cool or tough but it's just a faade because he is a clown. I never watch the episodes that he stars in since he irritates me so much. Some people just rub other people the wrong way & believe me I tried to like him because I love SVU & I think Dick Wolf is a genius. As far as the new SVU goes I love the little pixy they hired to play Detective Amanda Rowlands but I still miss Munch & Stabler. I'm truly shocked that Ice T has remained on SVU as long as he has. This is a HUGE MYSYERY to me & my friends. Thanx for listening! P.S. Sorry Ice T should you read this post.

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where to begian.

Chris meloni quit the job, Warren Leight asked him to do a exiting episode he said No Blame Chris not Dick Wolfe.

as for your opinion on ICE T you are entitled to it.
But he is far from Stupid so all he can remember is one liners
If he was so stupid he would not be able to perform Concerts or write Lyrics.
You just sound like someone who dosnt like him which is Ok.
I happen to like him a whole lot better then Mariska Hargity who IMO cant act her way out of a papersack.

Slainte I am who I am your approval isnt needed or required.

Re: Ice T Burn

Yeah it was a good movie. Ice T sucks ha-ha. J/k he's alright. Yo hummybird, email me at for contact. You may know who this is just by my email.