Eva Green : What inspired Eva to seek a career in Anglais Cinema esp Hollywood?

What inspired Eva to seek a career in Anglais Cinema esp Hollywood?

Despite having one of the most prestigious film cinema in the world, French movie stars (as in working primarily in French and perhaps some European films for the bulk of their careers so someone like Christopher Lambert doesn't count) are virtually unknown outside of Europe and former French colonies. So much wrote an article asking why.

The sole notable exception is Alain Delon who was huge beyond France's influence sphere, gaining huge traction not just in Asia but pretty much around the world be it Latin America, Africa, etc and he got big enough that despite the typical British bashing French jokes he got a following in the UK where he was a heart throb for French-bashing British girls (who often said "except Alan Delon" when attacking the French) and even in America during the 60s he was on TV news, magazine covers, and a few big budget Hollywood productions and being the one "sexy Frenchman" every Canadian and American girl can conjure if asked of a French person they know during that decade.

In fact if his English wasn't so bad with his accents and had he took the time to actually develop an American or British sounding voice, a lot of film historians all agree he would have easily become an A lister across the Anglo Saxon world esp in Hollywood. A las too bad he decided its not to bother and stuck to European cinema.

But it does make me curious why Eva chose to pursue a career in the Anglais world? I mean she was so serious she began to work on sounding British after she did her first few films in contrast to Alain Delon and other Frenchy stars. I was even surprised she was in a lead role in a Lupin movie which just watched last week so its obvious even back in France they already saw her as a future star. But she went straight to attempting at English movies almost on the bat as soon as she started her acting career. Any particular reason?