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The problem with twins

Seems to me that twins are compelled to make duplicates in their environment. This one time, I ordered from a fast food restaurant. I didn't know there was a pair of twins working there cuz the first time I ordered from there only one of the twins was working the counter. I never saw his twin brother.

The next time I went to that restaurant, both of them were working at the same time trying to do the same thing. It was at the drive thru window.

I asked for something…okay I walked up to the drive thru window cuz the lobby was closed. The twins were there at the window. The twin I met last time, was going to take my order. But his twin said no they can't.

The weird part about the situation was that one twin started talking and the other finished the sentence for his twin.


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Apparently so. Studies on twins have been done. I remember reading about it in a college psychology course. I thought it strange then. I didn't believe it was true. I guess now I know. I saw it for my self.

I was creeped out. And then mad. The nice twin was going to take my order anyway but that mean one corrected him. The nice one began explaining policy and stuff to me. His twin finished his sentence. It wasn't like they were reading each other's minds but it looked that way. I felt like I was talking to one entity rather than two.

Anyway. So that was that.

I see nimda and his brother nimba do the same to us on here. This one time I used the shared account at the same time they were. I saw that one of them was nice to me while the other hated my guts.

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what did u order?

suck it.

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Junk food?

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How do you know they weren’t clones?

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