Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners : Reusing the cast from other "reality" shows

Reusing the cast from other "reality" shows

I watched the latest ep this morning. One of the cleaners was a man named Vijay. I recognised him and tried to place where I'd seen him before. Then his children were shown. Aha! Last year, the family was on that "Eat Well For Less?" show. They were filmed for a week eating food with no commerical packaging to see if they could lower their grocery bills by buying cheaper alternatives to the brands they were accustomed to.

I just noticed this re-casting in another show. I wasn't sure if "Britain's Nightmare Homes" would interest me, so I watched one ep. It wasn't for me. What DID get my attention was that one woman who claimed her house was killing her was also on a renovation show (I think "Restoration Man," but I'm not certain) in the past year or two, remodelling that same house. In the renovation show, she complained about allergies to dust and was seen taking nasal spray. In 'Nightmare Homes,' that experience became a tacky melodrama.

remember: tv is called PROGRAMMING, items of news are STORIES

Reusing the cast from other "reality" shows

It's not just this show, I was watching Life On The Dole last week and recognized 3 separate stories all featuring past guests from th Jeremy Kyle Show. I could see one, but three? They're either desperate to be on telly or the producers of JK sell their guest contact information out. Like email spam or telemarketers.

ETA: many have also noticed that a number of places featured on Four in a Bed have previously been on Alex Polizzi's Hotel Inspector programme.

So yes, it does seem like shows are being somewhat lazy when it comes to casting.