America's Got Talent : Michael Winslow? Really???

Michael Winslow? Really???

I like the guy and think he is more fun than funny and am impressed at what he can do but should he really be up there where he might steal the win from others?

He is already an established actor, comedian and sound efx wizard with his mouth and is worth 1.5 mil.

So what is he doing on this stage?
This would be like if Boy George or Carley Simon or Rich Little went up there.

I wonder if he was invited or if he just showed up cold.

Oh well.
It is what it is even though it is odd to see someone semi famous on there.

You can read more about him here:

Re: Michael Winslow? Really???

Agreed. I like this guy. He was amazing in the police academy series.

I haven't watched him on this show so I'm not sure what the motive is.

Hopefully he's not broke and needs some extra money…then again these days you never know.. Seems like a smart guy.

Let's go Brandon!

Re: Michael Winslow? Really???

There really are not a lot of movie starring roles for one to do mouth sound efx like he did on PA.

If you look at his IMDb page you can see that he has been active here and there with guest spots and small roles with two more upcoming ones.
Plus I saw him as part of a stand up special he did with Jimi Walker.
He is worth a mil and a half so it's not like he is really hurting for jobs and money.
Maybe though he is hoping this will elevate him from being a Q lister or lower back up to D or C.
So it looks like he figures this is a way to get another 15 min. of fame.

Re: Michael Winslow? Really???

I don't get it!
Thought that show was to give newcomers and amateurs a bit of exposure, not a platform for established artists. Sucks.