Shop Talk Actors : I looked at some acting agencies.

I looked at some acting agencies.

One you can only submit once a year, the others didn't say. I could always apply for local theater, too, and some roles at community theaters are paid. I might need to have a social life, maybe like help out backstage, though that's probably not paid. I don't know if I want to do local acting if it gets in the way of getting in shape for film acting. I also need to learn the positions on violin and advance, play notes faster, as 1 teacher for 2 years almost had me play slow, all the time, and didn't want to do positions with me, I think even starting with 1 hour lessons.

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It seems like I have to get good pictures, like professional for this one place.

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The chance of you being a film actress are between slim and none. Get a regular job.

😺 Schrodinger's Cat walks into a bar, and doesn't. 🤨 Let's go, Brandon! 🤨 Try that in a small town.

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and didn’t want to do positions with me

I’d be happy to do some positions with you.

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From what I have seen, acting jobs happen occasionally. So, you could have a part time job and still do little parts.

However, are their paid acting jobs in Ohio?

When I was in Forensic Files, I got paid a tiny amount to be an extra. It was equal to one day of work if you made around 40k per year.

The company that made the show was in Allentown Pa, which is close to Philly and NY. They had a variety of opportunities and I mentioned this before, a woman I grew up with got a full time job acting in training videos.

You have to see what is in your area.

However, even if there is something, it is highly unlikely to be full time. You also have to be in a good mental state to audition. You can't walk in there talking or thinking about stuff that has nothing to do with the situation. You have to be creative and do what they want you to do.


I have a deal with myself, I must paint for an hour each day around 8 or 8:30PM. That makes sure that I stay on my mission to create a painting collection. Each night I am tired, want to play a videogame, etc but instead I paint.

It is the only way I will get the paintings done.


A type of loser SAYS he will do things and has dreams, but never does what he says. SO…I AM GETTING MY FUCKING PAINTINGS PAINTED or I will be damned! I will NOT defeat myself.

So, you have to practice.

You are currently on a STRONG LOSER PATH.

You need to get proper meds, you need help with a small job, aren't doing any of it. It's going to result in you never doing anything you actually want to do. Then, you will feel worse and worse.

Get your FOUNDATION built first. Get a doctor, get meds with low side effects, get a little job, then pursue your dreams.

Practice violin daily.