Blues, Jazz & Soul : Patrice Rushen - "Remind Me"

Patrice Rushen - "Remind Me"

So this song came on the radio today while I was driving around, and I just had to crank it. This is really my favorite song by Patrice. I love how she's got the keyboard doing so much, including, I think, the bad-ass bass line. And she absolutely kills that minutes-long keyboard solo. Listening to her solo today, I think, (you all might laugh at me for saying this) it really sounds like how a black woman might play one with its easygoing, yet meticulous feel. Absolutely brilliant.

Comments? Opinions?

Re: Patrice Rushen - "Remind Me"

It has a mellow, summery vibe to it. It's chilled out but never dull.

I only know her more popular stuff, but I'd have to say my personal fave Patrice Rushen song is Settle For My Love.

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Re: Patrice Rushen - "Remind Me"

"Remind Me" is nice, but my Patrice fav is "Number One". I've always loved that piano solo. She works it.