The Watercooler : More neighbor talk (unrated and immoral)

More neighbor talk (unrated and immoral)

What's the creepiest thing your neighbors did to you or found?

When I was a young girl, our two story house had a reasonably flat area on the roof. This area could be accessed by my second story bedroom window. All I had to do was stand up on my bed, open the window, pop out the screen, and crawl out the window onto the roof. I thought it was fun, from time to time, to just go out there and sit, and think, all alone.

However, when I became a young teen, I started using it as a place to lie out in the sun, to get a suntan. This was the 1970s, and tan skin was all the rage, if you were a young person.

On this particular day, aged 14, I threw on my bikini, got out on my roof, and was lying there, in the hot sun, when I sensed movement from the corner of my eye, in the backyard of our next door neighbors. I sat up and glanced over there, and I was shocked to see the neighbor’s son, three years older than me, standing in his backyard, completely naked, looking up at me, and pleasuring himself.

I was very naive at 14, and really didn’t know why he was doing what he was doing, but I definitely knew it wasn’t right! I immediately crawled back through the window, and ran downstairs to tell my mom and dad. Well, that ended my roof tanning sessions forever!

My parents instructed me to not tell my older brother about what had happened, as they were pretty sure he would decide that the neighbor needed a “lesson” in proper behavior. My brother was younger than the neighbor, but a big guy, and very protective of me. I avoided that neighbor for the remainder of our time as neighbors, but I have another bizarre story about him that I’ll possibly share at another time.

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Great story PE

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Same thing happened to me twice last week.

Bring. More. Sheep.