The Sandbox : This is a good sandbox story

This is a good sandbox story

Have you ever cast a spell on someone?
What happened?

An old witch told me when I was a young child that if you wrote someone's name on the bottoms of your feet for a day, they'd get what was coming to them.

I was a young 20something and had owned a business with an equal partner for 3 years. She was my best friend. I found out later she was stealing a lot of money from our business to pay for outings with some fellow she met on an online dating site (although she was married)

I was so angry for her taking the money that we'd both worked so hard for that I remembered this spell. I wrote her name on the bottom of each of my feet for a whole day. Went to work, did my usual routine and actually forgot I'd done it by lunch time.

I found out through a social media site the next day that her husband found out everything she'd done, and left her. I wasn't happy about it, but in some strange way I felt vindicated. I'm not sure how it all truly transpired, but I do know what I did the day before.

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I've got sweaty feet and the name will wear off.

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