The Watercooler : "Guardian angel" type story

"Guardian angel" type story

What was the strangest moment in your life that you still can't explain up to this day?

On my 16th birthday, I was coming home from dinner at a nice downtown restaurant. When we got off the bus, we were walking across a crosswalk when suddenly, this man grabbed the back of my jacket and pulled me right off my feet —JUST as a car was rear-ended. The mirror just clipped my foot. The man was about 6’4 with a jean jacket and blue jeans on, cowboy boots, blond hair, blue eyes. My whole family saw this happen. After we turned to the car that was hit to see if they were ok, I turned to thank him and he was gone. There was only one way to go on this crosswalk as the other side was a 20-foot fence for a golf course.

Fastforward to when I was 18. I got off the bus near my house and as I was going to cross the crosswalk in front of the bus, I got pulled off my feet again as a car flew by. 100% I would have been killed if that car hit me. I turned to thank him. It was the blond hair, blue eyes, jean jacket man again. I thanked him and turned to tell a lady I was fine. And when I turned back, he was gone again.

Everyone saw him, but no one knew where he went.

Now I am 37, but since then I have never seen him again.