Mary Badham : Looped in Twilight Zone

Looped in Twilight Zone

Not all, but most of her performance in the last Twilight Zone episode (5x36) was looped with someone else's voice.


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I just saw this episode of Twilight Zone for the second time and noticed right away that her voice was overdubbed in the beginning, seemingly by the same person who voices "Rocky" from "Rocky & Bullwinkle". I wonder why they did that?

The part where they get to the old lady's house with the chocolate cake, her voice sounds normal again. Very weird!

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Why was it looped? (Nevermind, I found the answer. Just curious why they couldn't use Mary's own voice later in post. Oh, well. Can't change it now.) I know something sounded a bit off with her voice. Oddly enough, I don't know how old Mary was at the time of shooting that episode I wanna say 12, but she looked very pretty. Wish I knew someone like that at my age when I was younger.

So just to be clear about the Twilight Zone episode y'all are talking about, I saw it too. So the beginning (before Rod Sterling's appearance), is really towards the ending before the two kids disappear into the pool into the "alternative reality"?

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That's pretty much the ending.

I thought the episode was okay. It would have been much better if it wasn't for that awful dubbing in the outdoor scenes.

BTW, although that was Mary's real voice in the indoor scenes, she sounded a bit older than she did in To Kill a Mocking Bird. She was 10 at the time she did that Twilight Zone episode. It was filmed in 1963, and in September of that year, she tried (unsuccessfully) to re-record most of her lines in post.

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She was 11, actually.

The story I got was that the dialog in the outdoor scenes had been spoiled by wind noise, but Badham had already gone home to Alabama by the time they discovered this, and wasn't available for overdubs. Hence, they hired June Foray to do the "honors."

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In Twilight Zone magazine they said her outdoor scenes were looped by June Foray because she had such an accent you couldn't understand her. She spoke more slowly in the indoor scenes and was easier to understand.

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And completely stupid sounding. Can't imagine why such a decision was made, was totally noticeable.

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Yeah, I was re-watching that episode a few days ago and the difference between her voice and Foray's was as clear as night and day.

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Me too, what the hell? I mean there's grown women voicing little girls in animated projects and then there's that, it's very jarring and you could it's June Foray doing the voice.

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The dubbed voice was terrible.

There is an article called, "The Bewitchin' Pool" in Wikipedia that says they had to dub the outdoor scenes because of noise on the lot. They didn't like her voice when she recorded it again, so they went with June Foray. (Bad decision!)

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