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I'm afraid you are incorrect in your analysis of information. Unlike Vic, I do not swing that way.

Descrediting is one thing. Bringing him to justice for exposing him for the fraud that he really is, as well as the other illegal acts he has committed over the years, is the paramount issue.

And it is TheSentinel68. Not 69 as you described.

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LoL, that would explain a lot, actually :)

I prefer to keep him on my ignore list, that way he literally doesn't exist to me, which I think is the best way to go :)

IMDB's "ignore user" button = priceless :)

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I could say the same for you and your atypical, inexplicit, and illogical behavior.

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people are attacking you for posting the resources you quote, ignoring the resources themselves. if i were you, i'd stop wasting my time on these people, because you will never convince them.

btw, shatner was just as bad.

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Are you serious? Can you site where they have received world wide acclaim? It’s had two episodes, the acting is shabby, even for a fan film and their last episode was so paint by the numbers that I knew what was going to happen before the first ten minutes. Add to that the attention that the counselor takes away from the rest of the Enterprise crew and all the TNG references, there’s no way that Continues equals Phase II in anyway way. And Vic doesn’t do a good Captain Kirk. He does William Shatner, the man not the character. There is a difference. There
wouldn’t even be a Continues without Phase II.

- Halliwell

Yeah, but STC got thier start on Star Trek New Voyages / Phase 2. They were the originals (over 10 years ago). STC just picked up thier ball and ran with it.

- Christopher J. Russo

I'm surprised that no one else has attacked these individuals for their entirely negative views on STC.

Not impressed with Continues as they are building off the Phase II success.
Continues is very similar and I fear they compete a bit too much for the good of the fan base. Star Trek Continues will only attract the die hard fans. It will suffer low ratings and will be cancelled in short order. It’s appeal to the die hards (Being true to TOS) is also it’s downfall to the viewing audience as a whole.

No one will take a show that looks like it comes out of the 60s seriously, regardless how well written it is.

Vic comes off like a Shatner parody.

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can you please learn to reply correctly pls. this message was not for me.

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people are attacking you for posting the resources you quote,

Actually, people are attacking him for being an arrogant, condescending, obsessed asshole. Even if every word he posts is true, what difference does it make? Nobody cares.

The worst thing that ever happened to the movies was when some pretentious twit decided they should be art.

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Judging by the controversy surrounding Vic, his background, and his past activities, insanity would most certainly be an accurate description of his mental state.

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If you think the guy is such a criminal go to the cops about it and they can take a statement from you about it, if you just wanted the part of Kirk in this or if you were told to sod off by the staff making this recreation I advise you do the same just so they can have a good laugh at you.

Loved this episode tho having watched all of the original series I was amazed at how they managed to emulate but not mock the styles and relationships between the characters, would definitely watch more of this.

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You can tell he's a passionate Trekkie too, which is a bonus :)

IMDB's "ignore user" button = priceless :)

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seems like the other guys are the only ones with a grudge.... while STC is just continuing to make Trek.

People want to talk about petty, but it sounds like the other guys delaying an episode indefinately just to refilm Vic's scenes sounds way more petty and childish.

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Don't take it to heart, there is always this one idiot who has such an empty life that they fill their time by putting crass messages on boards. They aren't worth the time spent getting upset about it. There are a lot more people loving this show, can't wait for it to come to the UK.

I am a four eyed evil genius.

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let me start by saying i thoroughly enjoyed STC and think it is a wonderfully crafted fan series. i have watched TOS, TNG, DS9, voyager, & enterprise, and feel STC is a perfect tribute and addition to the original star trek universe. also, i am extremely excited about watching the rest of this.

now, as far as sentinell68 is concerned, i thought at first he was just trying to post up some ramblings and false information about vic and proceeded to ignore his postings. that was until i decided to actually read some of his links. this in particular :

long story short - "apparently" vic lent some money to another star trek fan series called ajax, and paid to help fund the building of the set pieces for starship ajax as well as help with rent for the warehouse that stored all the set pieces (bridge, corridors, sickbay, holodeck, etc). the deal was for both series to be able to use them for each of the shows (STC, & starship ajax). right as the sets were completed, vic turns around and takes everything and stops payment on rent forcing the ajax team to take a huge hit AND backed out of letting them use the set pieces ajax built from the ground up. this was a huge project that took alot of blood sweat and tears to bring into fruition and because this guy alec peters (from the ajax team) upset michael bednar at faragut (the guy who helped fund the construction for ajax's set pieces) vic and executive producer michael bednar have cut ties with the entire team at ajax and left them high and dry.

that said, i agree this message board, along with any other public forum is the last place to air this dirty laundry, but that is what sentinell68 is upset about and i can see how he would be upset. i also think that sentinell68 is either alec peters or doc john, but thats just my assumption from what ive read. i couldnt see a random person becoming so involved in this unless he was a part of the ajax team, tbh.

if theres a lesson to be learned here its to get a contract with EVERYTHING written out and signed for. no matter who it is, if theres money involved, get a contract! period.

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Thank you, ecuadoriantheogen for your post.

vincentobrien - The ONLY people who play Jim Kirk are the following: Bill Shatner, Christopher Pine, James Cawley, and Brian J. Gross. I have no interest in filling those shoes. Hopefully, what I and ecuadoriantheogen have posted has clarified what I have been trying to say all this time.

joomba-whatever you call yourself - You would be better off watching something professional than something made by those who thnk they are above the law. Theft is theft. There is no gray area.

I'm not Doc John, and I am certainly NOT Alec Peters(someone who is one step away from becoming a clone of Vic Mignogna, himself - but that's another story).

However, I do know some of the people on the Ajax production and have some friends on the Phase 2 production.

And believe me, there are quite a few like myself, who absolutely hate Vic's guts and those at farragut films, for their dishonesty, unprofessionalism, disrespect, and other criminal and illegal activities.

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Here here DianaHale79. I've been a trekkie since the early-mid '70's and this is as it's name suggests, a continuation and a very good one at that. Don't be too concerned with the brat. Hats off to using some established stars for the episodes, Lou F. couldn't have been cheap!! It is great to see some Trek post Abrams.

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I might have to watch this - I've never seen voice actors in live-action yet and this is getting me interested. XD It's funny how the most famous trio is all Funimation VAs.

...I kind of wish these guys did an original parody similar to the Finnish "Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning". Now that film was famous - it got 1,5 million legal downloads within two weeks (3 million within two months).

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