Welcome Board : Hi, I'm George from Ireland.

Hi, I'm George from Ireland.

I'm a 25 y/o non-binary Irish writer, have written for Fortean Times, love films frm mainly the 50s to the early 80s. on letterbxd as MxGeorgeWhite
Cont. to imdb since 2016.

But I want to ask a question.

I've been an imdb researcher/contributor or 6 years, and I'm wondering has anyone else being overwhelmed by the experience, and not in an entirely positive way.

In my opinion, Imdb is the vastest and most complicated canyon of information there is on the internet, moreso than even wikipedia. What began with the intention of being an online Halliwell's or Maltin's has transformed into something way more complex - with 7 million people listed, and an ever-growing barrage of films, often amateur projects put up by eager amateurs to get their work seen only to be barricaded under by more and more similar types, I find that while it definitely needs to be there, that as a researcher, and one with autism, I find it has hindered my brain as much as helped. I can't help thinking of the hundreds, nay thousands of names that i have come across, not of familiar directors and character actors but people who work in the bottom barrel of the service, in the amateur films and regional shorts that may get local "festival" play but will never break any kind of notability, and yet I am haunted by them. I've ferretted away great online pamphlets of these actors and their unseen, often unreleased films that I will probably post on here, though written on an often slow, brain-dead laptop, they are full of accidental spelling errors. I often find myself dreaming of actors with names like Mabel Maultsby or Jack Brosseit (star of several local Arizonan productions in the 90s) or Steven Aronson (a Telemundo bit-part actor) or Floridian short semi-starlet and Twitter user par excellence/Camilla Belle/Olivia Cooke-alike Anastasia Mirabelle (whose few connections to the mainstream is she was in a short with the girl from Jaime Murray horror the Nanny), and then constantly googling actors' names, and then find myself on nonsensical info-trails that I can only replenish via writing them down, often in search of a contact to the more familiar world, which in more recent years, has often been surprisingly by public Facebook and finding such filmmaker is a friend of a friend of an online friend (usually Michael Haberfelner or Asylum starlet Jaime Bernadette).

The problem I have with the imdb is that it is too big and it is too loose. What began as a relatively neat, ordered section of films and TV shows has been bombarded by hundreds of thousands of amateur and semi-amateur shorts, webseries and videos usually from regional semi-industries in the US. A lot of these projects have no genre or in some cases country listed, making them impossible to search for and the listings sloppy.

I think that the imdb needs to be overhauled, and in particular on these amateur productions. Create subsections within the imdb, maybe even sub-sites for amateur films and student films and fan films that can be ticked off. Maybe even give webseries their own caption - have divisors between network television, local television, cable, streaming, web, youtube/vimeo…
Also, no film should have their country of origin left unlisted. It should be made utterly compulsory, because as an autistic, almost but not quite obsessive-compulsive, it really grinds my gears.

Re: Hi, I'm George from Ireland.

I'm a 25 y/o non-binary Irish writer

Just a quick question here George, why did you feel the need to qualify this?

As for IMDb, since it no longer has message boards it is about as good as Wikipedia for reliable information in my opinion


An excellent question….

An excellent question, Juan!

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