The Watercooler : What site uses a little globe as its symbol?

What site uses a little globe as its symbol?

A little blue and white earth symbol

Lmao 🙄

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"Earth/Globe Icon" mysteriously takes the place of internet shortcut icons.

I am assuming that this issue is an ongoing thing among other users of IE 8. Everytime I create a shortcut to my desktop from a website, I either get the websites personal shortcut icon or I get what I am assuming to be a default icon, e.g. a white dog-eared page with a blue "E" in the center. That is expected, however, after a short while or even a day or two, the icon changes to this "blue and green globe" or an "earth-like" icon of the same color or nature.

In laymans terms, how can this be corrected, getting rid of the blue and green globe icon, without having to personally go altering any files within the OS of my computer. I am not and I assume a great many other users, are not a computer whiz or a technician and we have enough of a problem with this "icon" issue without adding to our grief by altering commands that we know not how to correct should someting go wrong. Can Microsoft offer a download or maybe a patch to solve the problem of this icon switching for those of us who are not so astute in matters of programing or altering such commands?

Loving Windows 7 but not loving shortcut icons that have a mind of their own!

"I AM El Señor Fernando PÓO (💩)!!!!".

Re: What site uses a little globe as its symbol?…

I don't think it's anything to do with ie. I don't recognise the symbol but then again I haven't used my laptop in forever. I think it has about 8 updates due

It's frustrating using a phone cuz you can't just cache things and I'm just too lazy to turn my laptop on lol.

Lmao 🙄
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