TV General : 5 WAYS to get MORE out of Netflix!! "Netflix is still the biggest name of…

5 WAYS to get MORE out of Netflix!! "Netflix is still the biggest name of…

streaming. So let's talk about how to get even more out of the big red cheese. [MUSIC] First up, let's take a look at that continue watching section. You know how it goes. You see a poster that looks interesting or your friends have told you how amazing nailed it is. But then you give it a watch, and it's not for you.

And it sits in your continue watching section. You see it every time you open up Netflix, it marks you for having chosen it in the first place. So how do you get rid of it? Netflix has answered us and the true solution is in the mobile app, we'll head to the Netflix app and face our continue watching section. Underneath the poster art is a little three button menu, tapping that. Now there's a new menu that gives us options. Most importantly, there's the Remove from row option, hit that and then hit OK to confirm and boom, it's gone from the list. That change will appear everywhere, by the way. So if you fire up Netflix under that profile, Nailed it won't be nailed to your list. Did you know that Netflix is constantly running tests to augment its service? It's true. If you like living on the edge and trying out the newest features, let's head over to on a browser. [MUSIC] Click your account icon. Yes, mine is Starscream their true leader of the Decepticons. Anyway, click the account. In the settings menu there's an option for test participation.

Click that. Here we've got an option to include ourselves in tests and previews. Tag it on and you can be the first to try out new features. However, this can be a double edge sort. There was a period a few years ago where Netflix was testing ads.

If you were opted into that test participation thing you saw ads How could you get rid of it? opting out? So the lesson here is if you've opted into test participation and stuff gets weird opt out for the time being, you can always change the setting later. Netflix gives you the The option of having five profiles I highly suggest creating a different profile for your different tastes. A lot of us love high quality films and television series. That's great. Let's keep that in our main profile. Then there are those weirdos like me who love movies that are so bad, that they're good. Maybe you love cheesy ROM coms or reality shows. You might not want that type of content influencing Netflix is recommendations for you. The workaround is set up another profile, give a thumbs up to all the junk you want.

Netflix will use that data from your guilty pleasures to keep giving you recommendations where you want them. [MUSIC] Let's talk about an oldie but a goodie. Netflix's Netflix's secret categories. Netflix has a lot of content and it's adding all kinds of stuff, literally every day. How can you find what you want? Yes, you can endlessly browse however, Netflix has a way of categorizing its titles, that they don't show you directly. You can browse for really specific categories like, enemy dramas, or boxing movies, if you know where to go. You'd have to go to slash browse slash genre slash a specific category number. The good people at what's on have created a database of those categories. You can use their tool to search for or browse through 200 main category codes. Enemy dramas is code 452, boxing movies is 12 443 by the way. And let's talk about a super old school way o get more out of Netflix. Netflix still mails out, optical discs if you want. Now, why would anyone want to do this? I'll explain. First stuff if your internet connection speed is not great You may not have the greatest picture quality. You can get DVDs or Blue ray discs from Netflix.

Of course this costs more money. But when you have a disc you know the video and audio quality is Is going to be excellent. Regardless of your internet speeds, you are not going to run into any buffering issues. discs often contains extras like commentaries, outtakes and featurettes that you won't get on some streaming services. Here's my favorite thing about the disc plan. You can get titles that just don't stream on Netflix. Did you wanna watch Avengers endgame? You would need Disney plus for that.

Or you could get the Blu-Ray sent to you by Netflix. What about joker? You'll need HBO max with that, or you can get Netflix to send you the Blu-Ray of that. What about something like 1917? You might be able to get that online. But you can still get it in the mail from Netflix. You see where I'm going with this. The disk plan is officially called the DVD plan and it ranges from $8 to $20 per month. You can keep piling on On the streaming services for you can get discs from Netflix. Let me know your favorite Netflix trick in the comments. I'm Isaak Turner, we'll see you online.". [MUSIC]

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Re: 5 WAYS to get MORE out of Netflix!! "Netflix is still the biggest name of…


"I AM El Señor Fernando PÓO (💩)!!!!".